Customer Reviews


Michael S.

In an era where customer service seems a lost art Tanner and Inked Up are masters at it. I cannot recommend Tanner enough for his ability to work with a customer. 

Glenn P.

Inked Up Firearms is a great resource, for all of your gun/parts purchasing needs. Tanner gives his customers a great value for what he charges, and makes transaction very easy. I highly recommend Inked Up Firearms. 

Nate V.

I have been buying from Inked up firearms for over a year now. Communication is always fast, responsive, and helpful. I recently purchased a custom built AR from him and he really went the extra mile to be certain it would run reliably. If he puts his name on it you can be certain it will be a great product. Very fair pricing on top of all the other awesomeness. 

Scott T.

 Tanner is awesome! Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended! 

John S.

So where to start? Inked Up redefines the element of service in the retail industry, going way above and beyond every time to satisfy customers. I have sourced barrels, all manners of parts for ARs, lowers, custom handgun finishing, slide cuts for pistol red dots, milling services, and probably other things I can't remember. I urge you to give Tanner and Inked Up a shot at your business, you will not be disappointed. Veteran run, local, and stellar could you go wrong? 

Ted H.

Tanner is a solid guy who knows his business. Always looking for quality products for the best price. Question always answered promptly and concise. Tanner has built a upper for me and will do one for my next job that my wife wants. Drop him a message and see what he can do for you!